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1 a mixture of mashed malt grains and hot water; used in brewing
2 mixture of ground animal feeds


1 to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition; "crush an aluminum can"; "squeeze a lemon" [syn: squash, crush, squelch, squeeze]
2 talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions; "The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries"; "My husband never flirts with other women" [syn: chat up, flirt, dally, butterfly, coquet, coquette, romance, philander]
3 reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading; "grind the spices in a mortar"; "mash the garlic" [syn: grind, crunch, bray, comminute]

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  • , /mæʃ/, /m

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Mash may mean:
Mash may also refer to:
  • Southern American term for "[de]press", i.e. "Mash the green button" or "Mash the gas pedal" rather than "Press the green button" or "Depress the gas pedal".
  • A British slang term for mashed potatoes
  • Bastard pop, also known as "mashing" and "mashups", a kind of pop-music remix
  • "Monster Mash", a 1962 novelty song preformed by Bobby "Boris" Pickett
  • Mashramani, often abbreviated to "Mash", a festival which takes place in Guyana on 23 February (Guyana Republic Day)
  • A minor Biblical figure
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TV dinner, abrade, alfresco meal, all sorts, assemblage, assortment, atomize, barbecue, barley, bear, beat, bird seed, bran, bray, breakfast, brecciate, broad spectrum, bruise, brunch, buffet supper, butter, calf love, case, cat food, cataplasm, chew, chicken feed, chop, clambake, clutter, coffee break, comminute, conglomeration, contriturate, cookout, corn, crowd, crumb, crumble, crush, cushion, dental pulp, diner, dinner, disintegrate, dog food, ease, eatage, elevenses, ensilage, feed, fish fry, flour, fluff, fodder, forage, fragment, gallimaufry, gentle, grain, granulate, granulize, grate, grind, grind to powder, hash, hay, high tea, hodgepodge, hot luncheon, hotchpot, hotchpotch, hugger-mugger, infatuation, jam, jumble, jungle, knead, laxate, levigate, limber, limber up, litter, loosen, lunch, luncheon, macerate, magpie, massage, masticate, meal, meat breakfast, medley, melange, mellow, mess, milden, mill, mingle-mangle, miscellany, mishmash, mix, mixed bag, mollify, muddle, mush, oats, odds and ends, olio, olla podrida, omnium-gatherum, paper pulp, pash, passing fancy, paste, pasticcio, pastiche, pasturage, pasture, patchwork, pestle, pet food, petit dejeuner, picnic, pith, plaster, plump, porridge, potpourri, poultice, pound, powder, provender, pudding, pulp, pulp lead, pulpify, pulpwood, pulverize, puppy love, push, rag pulp, reduce to powder, relax, rummage, salad, salmagundi, sauce, scramble, scratch, scratch feed, scrunch, shake up, shard, shred, silage, slops, smash, soften, soften up, sponge, squab, squash, squeeze, squish, stew, straw, subdue, sulfate pulp, sulfite pulp, supper, supple, swill, tea, tea break, teatime, tenderize, tiffin, tone down, triturate, tumble, tune down, what you will, wheat, white lead, wiener roast, wienie roast, wood pulp
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